Whey Protein: 5 Health benefits you should know!

Whey Protein: 5 Health benefits you should know! : Maxener Wellness

Whey protein is usually associated with fitness and body building, and the world hardly knows about the host of benefits this muscle building supplement has. So today we are narrowing down to the top 5 benefits tucked away in your tub of whey.

1. Helps in Fat loss and preserve Muscle

When you join the gym for building good muscles, the last thing you think about is losing them. But continuous calorie deficit diet can lead to fat loss as well as muscle loss. According to several studies, whey protein supplements were found to increase muscle protein synthesis, eventually increasing the lean muscle mass and decreasing the fat tissues. This means you can gain muscle while losing excess fat by using whey protein.

2. Boosts Immunity

Busy and unhealthy lifestyle leads to low immunity and one can face number of health problems related to aging. Make sure you don’t compromise your immune function by including whey in your diet.

Consuming whey protein leads to strengthening of the immune system as it increases the Glutathione level which is an antioxidant for body’s defense system.

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3. Curbs Cravings and hunger pangs

Consuming whey protein curbs hunger pangs and helps you eat less. Whey protein makes you feel full as compared to other food sources like carbs and fats. Whey protein stimulates the intestinal hormones which enhance satiety and you feel less hungry.

4. Healthy Bones

Aging can lead to several problems related to bones; especially loss of bone mineral can lead to increased risk of fracture. Whey protein offers an excellent amount of dietary calcium which is very crucial for bone health.

5. Stress buster

Whey is considered a complete protein as it contains number of essential amino acids. Amino acids increase serotonin, a hormone which helps in relieving stress and anxiety. So keep your stress at bay with whey.

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