Every year starts with that resolution “I must get fit”, but how many stick to it? For those that do, and go on to create healthy habits for themselves, there is often a certain trend or reason as to why. Here at i-motion Gym we thought we’d outline the top 5 Fitness Trends in 2017 to help you to see whether there is anything you are missing out on.

Wearable Tech

Gone are the days of having to count your lengths in a pool, the amount of steps you have done or number of calories you have burned when you have completed your workout. Wearable technology like My Zone belts and Fit Bits have become absolutely key to tracking Heart Rate, Rest Zones and Calorie burn.

TOP TIP: If your device doesn’t set daily targets for you then set them for yourself.

Body Weight Training

Whether it is our ever-busier schedules or general need for convenience, many of us are getting fitter using Body Weight Training. No weights or machines in sight at this workout, it is using the bodies natural dynamics to give yourself a good workout. The classic body weight training include push ups, sit ups, and squats to name just a few, check out some of our classes for more ideas.

High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training has been around for sometime and the popularity of this training continues to grow, the reason for that is simple, they are effective. With many HIIT classes to choose from at i-motion, be sure to check one out! They allow you to burn calories and keep your metabolism fired up long after you finish your workout.

Strength Training

There has been a definite movement from cardio-heavy training to Strength Training and with it a realisation that strength training isn’t just for those looking to get big! No strength training tones and builds the body from the core outwards whilst speeding up their metabolism. This helps to build muscle mass but also more importantly can help fight diabetes, back pain and much more.

Personal Training

As the fitness industry has grown, and peoples knowledge of fitness has improved, there is a growing number of people who realise that one-size doesn’t fit all. By employing a PT people are able to target specific areas and work-out in a way that is optimal for them. PT’s also offer that extra push when needed as well as diet and outside of gym health advice to clients. Be sure to try a slot with an i-motion PT sometime in 2017.

The most important thing for you in 2017 is to set your goals and aim to smash them. At i-motion gym we are passionate about helping people to realise their goals. With over 400 classes a month, first-class PT’s and state of the art equipment, see what you can achieve.

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