SHORTCUTS TO BIGGER ARMS! best protein powder for weight gain


Bigger arms don’t just look good, they serve a real purpose in the gym. Think about pull ups and dips for example. Two massive movements that can lead to amazing results in the gym. Two movements that are closely linked to the strength of your arms. In short, big arms means you can lift heavier and grow quicker. In this article we going to take a quick look at 5 easy ways you can start to add mass to your arms.


Something that is true to every muscle and can seriously impact your gains. Overtraining though, is especially common with arms as they contribute to so many movements in the gym. At some point in an upper body day, your arms are going to be activated and contributing to the movement of the weight, so by throwing in extra arm workouts on top of this you are going to be preventing hypertrophy from occurring. 2 arm, shoulder, bicep or triceps sessions a week is plenty for a beginner in the gym, leaving 2 to 3 days of rest between the group.


Hit all the muscles. Don’t just focus on your biceps. They make up a third of the muscles in your arms and so by neglecting triceps and forearms, you are going to be getting nowhere in trying to build bigger arms. This can also hinder performance with other muscle groups, leaving your arm strength unbalanced.


Stretching properly before and after arm workouts is something that many people overlook. Stretching though, can greatly improve blood flow to the muscle, helping it grow in the long term. There’s also the little added bonus that stretching can help to avoid injury! Look at performing some ‘bicep-wall stretches’ and ‘hand down spine stretches’ before you begin your arm workout.



It’s easy to get into the habit of holding weights with your hands in the centre of the weight, but to change things up, you should give a go at slightly offsetting your grip which will make your arms work harder to keep the weight grasped through the movement. Things like bring your hands closer together on the bar whilst performing barbell curls also help work more areas.


Do your isolation movements last. Unless you are having a dedicated arm day, isolation movements should always be kept for the end of your workout. If you kick things off with bicep curls, and later in your workout want to be performing cable rows or pull-ups, you are going to be seriously affecting your performance. By waiting until the end to do your curls, you’ll be working them extra hard too, as generally they will have been used throughout the workout in some capacity.

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