I started my journey from 94 kg 50 days before.. i thinking about fat loss.. last many months and then i join maxener wellness the c.e.o of maxener wellness advice me to do fatloss.. and shapup my body.. arbaaz khan c.e.o of maxener wellness help me every time when i need.. they give me effective diet and workout ideas every week. and after 50 days… i achieve my goal with  maxener wellness supplements i use Maxener shred 2 sachet (fatloss)

Product Which Was I Used For Me

  • Whey-x  (muscle building)
  • Shred-2 tablet (fat loss)
  • Pre core (preworkout+bcaa)
  • Maxener iso-x (last 10 days for ripped)
  • Maxener Smart shaker ( for good mixing)

Mobile Number: 9624380301

My Age: 21

My Weight: 94

My Goal: 84

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