How to Do Good Shoulder Exercises : Maxener Wellness

These exercises engage and exert your shoulder muscles by giving you a variety of options to choose from during your workout.

Method 1 Warm-Up

Do the seated forward bend pose in yoga. This simple stretch requires you to bend at the hips and lean forward to really extend your shoulders.

Do the upward facing dog pose next. For those who have done the downward facing dog pose, this exercise is a variation of that.

Do a sitting torso and neck extension. This exercise will increase definition in your back muscles as well as your shoulders, and can be easily modified if necessary.

Do a single arm shoulder flex. By employing your abs as well as your shoulders and arms, you’ll be able to exercise multiple parts of your body successfully.

Method 2 High Intensity

Do a flye to pullover exercise. This version of the exercise does involve an exercise ball, but it can also be done with your back against the floor.

Do a shoulder bridge with abdominals. If you want this exercise to really work your shoulder muscles you should make sure to be pushing yourself as far off the ground as possible.

Do a bridge exercise (with an exercise ball). Just like a regular bridge exercise, this will build up strength in your arm, leg, and back muscles as well as your shoulders.

Do an around the world exercise using an exercise ball. It might take awhile to master this movement, but so long as you have a good sense of balance it should come to you quickly enough.

Method 3 Cool Down

Do a shoulder stand in yoga. You may have difficulty with this pose at first, but practicing will help you become much more flexible and balance-focused.

Do the tiptoe pose in yoga. Like the shoulder stand, you’ll need to practice this one to get the hang of it. Unlike the shoulder stand, this exercise helps your shoulders by opening them up rather than using them to support the rest of your body.

Do a wall sit with shoulder rotation. The shoulder rotation here is critical; without it your shoulders will receive very little attention.

Do shoulder wall presses. These are a good way to wind down your workout–you can even do them on the floor if you like.

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