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Part 1 Determine your goal

Determine what your goal is. Anyone can start off in bodybuilding, but we all have different reasons. For example, “Markus Ruhl”, “The German Giant”, and “The bodybuilding freak”, as his fans called him. Try to create reasonable goals.

  • Whatever the reason why you decide as a bodybuilding beginner to start (lose fat, gain weight, build muscle, become a fitness model, become a professional bodybuilder, or just get in shape) you have to determine your goal before you start your journey as a bodybuilding beginner, whether you are a female bodybuilder beginner or male beginner because it will be much easier for you to achieve it and maybe it inspires you to a higher goal.

Part 2 Prepare yourself to start

Find a gym

  • As a bodybuilding beginner you have to find a gym around your neighborhood and it will be much better if you can go to it by foot because it will help you to defeat all excuses about not going, and the Gym atmosphere is a very important key for your success because it helps you to concentrate more which means better results for you .
  • Ask yourself what is better for you. If you are a beginner female bodybuilder or a male beginner, train in a Gym full of big muscle bodybuilders or train in a Gym that has personal trainer who will help you to achieve your goal.

Find a training partner

  • Bodybuilding sport have a lot of challenges not every bodybuilding beginner can deal with it , in fact 90% of the bodybuilding beginner didn’t achieve their goals whatever it is lose fat , build muscle , gain weight, become a fitness model, etc because they didn’t have the amount of support and motivation all bodybuilding beginners really need.
  • Only 10% can survive and achieve their goals. Imagine a beginner female bodybuilder, will she succeed if she trained without any help? Of course not, but not everyone can pay for this personal trainer quite so quickly. That’s why the training partner is so important. Especially for bodybuilding beginner.
  • Take your friend who has the same goal to train with you or you can find a lot of training partners in the Gym. You choose what happens. The point is your training partner will give the support and motivation you need to achieve your goal.

Part 3 Get some help

As a bodybuilding beginner you have to look for help. Many gyms offer the services of a personal trainer who can access you and tell you your body type , what kind of food you have to eat and advise a training plan that will match your goals .

  • Also you have to ask your doctor about your diet and tell him about the bodybuilding training program you will start to have all the benefits from both sides, especially for a beginner female bodybuilder, because she needs very special care

Part 4 Get some knowledge

One of the most important steps you have to take as a bodybuilding beginner is knowledge.

  • Gather as much information as you can about a lot of topics which are very important and related to your goals such as nutrition and how it effect your progress, body types and what kind of nutrition suitable for yours , bodybuilding supplements and how and when you can take some.
  • Find bodybuilding training program for you according to your goal ,and your body type and as a beginner female bodybuilder or beginners male bodybuilder.
  • All this knowledge will help you to achieve your goal and will teach you how to develop it.

Part 5 Bodybuilding beginner challenges

Set high hopes.

  • 90% of bodybuilding beginners go down in this trick called High Hopes.Everyone wants to go to the Gym today and wake up next morning yoked like Arnold and after a few months of training he feels disappointed and stops or he starts take some supplements to gain muscle fast and that is very dangerous especially for bodybuilding beginners male, and also for beginner female bodybuilder if she failed to get what she want fast, lose fat for example, she gets disappointed and stops training.
  • Be patient, train hard and you will get what you want.

First week pain

  • Well , everyone of us have a daily activities his body used to do it continuously and when he add a new activity like bodybuilding sport, his body will suffer for a while from this new activity and you will feel some pain in your body, however it will quickly disappeared it will take almost one week only 3 training session, my advice is just be patient because all bodybuilding beginner pass this pain in one week only.

Food challenge

  • Every bodybuilding beginner he or she have to change the way they eat , as we said before nutrition is a very important factor in any sport . and it’s more important in bodybuilding. Bodybuilding beginner like anyone of us eats just 3 meals a day while when he start bodybuilding this number must increase to 6 or 7 meals a day according to his weight , his training program , his body type ….etc.
  • To succeed in this challenge , first ask your doctor what is the best diet to you depend on the above mentioned elements . second , divided your meal from 3 big meals to 6 or 7 small meals then go to the next level as a bodybuilding beginner you will face some difficulty but after while your body will handle this challenge.
  • Do your best to succeed.

Facing injury challenge

  • Most bodybuilding beginner face this challenge. Injuries are a common problem with any type of athlete but is highly prevalent in the bodybuilding community due to the physical and psychological stress placed on the body. Injuries can cause you to lose the gains you have made, cause you to miss workouts, lead to poor sleeping habits, and even end a promising career so my advice to every bodybuilding beginner be patient, train hard and take care of your body and you will win this challenge.

Part 6 Consider these helpful tips

Keep Energy High. As a bodybuilding beginner you have to motivate yourself all the time until you reach your target, because if you lose your motive, you will lose the road to the end line your target

Track Your Progress. It’s one of the most powerful tools all bodybuilding beginner have to use , keep a record to your progress and make notes it will help you to achieve your target as soon as it possible by controlling any mistakes or less motivation may happen and it keep you in the track until you achieve your goals

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