Terms and condition.

1. No Photoshop of image should be done to alter the image from original body composition.

2. No use of other supplement brand should be used during this series.
No other brand #tag or photo tag should be done.

3. Improper marketing will result in termination of the membership.

Less than 15 post on social media 

Account will be terminated . And no amount will be refunded .
Note : The account will never be eligible for participation again.

4. During series and promotion .

All social media accounts should be kept public.

Compulsory purchase of maxener wear and shaker . Worth 500 rs.

If no available size clothing should be provided by person on which maxener wellness branding will be carried out.

5. Regular updates will be checked and scored by our team.

• . The date of start will be from 12/12/18 to 12 /3/19.
• . Promoters of the month will be declared at 12 th .date of every month. (Max 3.)
• Promoter of the series will be declared at 12/3/19.

• Promoter of the month and series will be based on following criteria.

Online promotions
1. quality of content.
2. Quantity of content.
3. And engagement of audience.

6. Same supplement will be provided for 3 months.
(No product can be added or changed once package has been selected .)

7. You will receive an update each day on your WATSAPP from any one of the athletes of maxener wellness
Who will be your mentor for the week.

Follow the theme of the day and get as creative as possible.

8. The promoter of the month will be selected monthly basis.

9. Promoter of month will get an addition voucher of same amount as per his/her package.
(Eg- enrolled in 5000 rs package .
Will get 5000 rs voucher on becoming promoter of the month.)

10. Promoter of series will receive an additional gift from the company end . And sponsorship for next series for free.

11. All Promoter will have to submit there before and after images on maxener transformation page.

12. Best transformation will be awarded from maxener wellness.

13. Best mentor of the series will be selected.