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Best Weight Gainers for Men, Women

What are gainers? Do you feel too skinny and lighter than you should be? Weight gainers for men, women and those tailored for kids can help each of these groups of people to add mass, and muscle mass to themselves. So, are they effective enough? Here are the best weight gaining supplements for women, men and children in addition to side effects of wey protein

What are Weight Gainers?

Weight gainers are supplements that are taken in place of normal meals with the aim of increasing muscle size. In addition to having high calorie amounts, they are made of high quality fat and protein content. Some of the very best in the market have essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Some weight gainers in the market are derived from milk only while others are made from high impact proteins such as egg, milk and soy. If you have a problem putting on muscle mass, a quality weight gaining supplement is recommended by bodybuilders.

How Effective Are They for Gaining Weight?

So, what do reviews and testimonials point to when it comes to the use of weight gainers to add muscle mass? How effective are they? How fast can thin men and women gain weight using these supplements?

  • Muscles are built by protein. If you are looking to add weight while cutting the fat content of your body, these supplements can really help.
  • Protein, being an essential nutrient that supports life, helps in the “building of tissue, cells and muscle” according to Maxi Nutrition.

In order to gain muscle, you need to eat 1.5 times your body weight in grams of protein. That is the sufficient amount that will be effective for gaining weight. The most important part is that you take just enough of these supplements since, according to WebMD, eating too much protein “actually doesn’t do much toward boosting your muscle mass…” So, what gainers for men should you use?

Weight Gainer for Men

It isn’t so attractive to be too thin especially if you are a man, right? Bulking up is likely the next thing on your mind. Weight gainer shakes made for men are a good option to go for. But what weight gainer for men is the most effective?

By incorporating calorie-dense protein shakes so that you eat above your body’s calorie maintenance level, you will definitely add muscle mass and bulk up. But the problem is always the same when it comes to such products – there are so many weigh gainers for men on the shelves, so which one should you buy? Here are some of the top-rated options:

While these weight gainers for men are highly rated according to most reviews online, the bottom line when choosing a good calorie and protein supplement for men’s bulking up is to get a good whey protein powder and then combine it with your own natural and healthy carbohydrates and fats.

Weight Gainers for Women

Women too can use weight gainers made for them to add mass to their bodies while remaining skinny and sexy. But what are the best weight gainers for women? Natural and herbal weight gaining supplement products are said to be the best and most effective. You don’t want to just gain weight inexplicably; you want to be in control of the entire process so that you don’t become overweight in the process. Here are 5 of the best women’s weight gainer supplements to try:

Go for PROTEIN-BASED POWDERS: For women, it is important that you prevent adding rolls of fat around your waist (which is very undesirable). The thing to look for is lean body mass and not fat in your pills and supplements for gaining weight.

SLOW AT DIGESTING: Yet another important aspect to look for in the best weight gainers for women – the ability to digest slowly. Some manufacturers blend slow and fast-digesting sources of protein, which will encourage mass building all day long for women.

FULLNESS-FIGHTING SUPPLEMENTS: High standard weight gain pills for women blend some enzymes that will help the feeling of bloating and fullness that is commonly associated with dietary supplements for gaining weight while cutting fat. Such enzymes will help you consume more calories, which is good for women who want to gain weight fast.


According to Men’s Health, here are more benefits for and reasons to take powder(whey) protein.
  • They reduce your hunger.
  • Help increase fat free mass and muscle strength.
  • They you to lose weight and preserve muscle.
  • Studies have established that Protein powder can improve your immune system.
  • Help in coping with stress.
  • Can aid fighting cancer.

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