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How to Calculate Fat Calories : Maxener Wellness

Method 1 Calculating Calories from Fat in Food Read the nutrition panel on the food package. The nutrition panel on food packages has all of the information that you will need to calculate calories from fat. The panel is black and white and it should say “Nutrition Facts” at the top of it.[1] Find this panel and then […]

How to Build a Solid Workout Routine : Maxener Wellness

Find a good gym or buy equipment. All you really need is a barbell, a bench and some Olympic weights, so think about whether joining a gym is really necessary. Your workout needs to be intense, you only get out what you put in. Don’t make it too easy or you will be wasting your time. “I […]

How to Calculate the Nutrition of a Meal : Maxener Wellness

Have an idea what you are going to eat. Most people, when they go out to eat or even eat at home, eat the same things. This allows the diner, sometimes, to know ahead of time, and arm themselves with the required knowledge. Once you have a basic understanding of nutritional values, you won’t have to […]

How to Make a Workout Plan : Maxener Wellness

Part 1 Finding a Time and Place Look at your schedule. Write down all your obligations in the calendar you use for scheduling, whether it is paper or electronic. Be specific and include everything you can think of: work or school hours, meetings, errands, outings, dates, etc. Add everything you know you need or want to do. […]

How to Stack Supplements : Maxener Wellness

Method 1 Picking Your Supplements Select a protein supplement. Protein powders are some of the most used supplements because they contain amino acids that can help your muscles grow and stay strong. The most commonly used form of protein supplement is whey protein. Whey is the watery substance that forms when you make cheese out of milk. […]

How to Take Protein Supplements : Maxener Wellness

Part 1 Taking Protein Supplements Recognize the need for protein supplements. If you are in need of protein, your body may send you signals. These symptoms can indicate a wide variety of other problems, however, so talk to your doctor before you take any protein supplements. Some of the signs are: Weakness, especially in your muscles Unclear […]

How to Use Physical Therapy to Recover From Sports Injuries : Maxener Wellness

Method 1 Having Your Injuries Evaluated Go to the doctor if you suspect a sports-related injury. The first step to successfully recovering from a sports injury is getting immediate medical evaluation and treatment. If you hurt yourself or notice pain while playing sports, stop immediately and make an appointment with your primary care provider. Some sports injuries […]

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