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How to Choose Healthy Sources of Protein : Maxener Wellness

Part 1 Picking the Best Animal Proteins Buy lean cuts of meat and fish or trim off excess visible fat. Lean cuts of beef, poultry, fish, and pork can be protein powerhouses. Just be sure to trim excess fat from cuts of meat or buy ground products that have low fat contents. For example, choose pork tenderloin […]

How to Drink Milk With Whey Protein : Maxener Wellness

Drink a whey protein shake with milk for breakfast. Mix whey protein, low fat milk and a banana in a blender. Pour the shake into a large glass. Drink your shake, either as breakfast or along with a bowl of cereal or whole wheat toast. Drink a whey protein shake right after a weight training […]

How to Make a Workout Plan

Part 1 Finding a Time and Place Look at your schedule. Write down all your obligations in the calendar you use for scheduling, whether it is paper or electronic. Be specific and include everything you can think of: work or school hours, meetings, errands, outings, dates, etc. Add everything you know you need or want to do. […]

How to Get DHA : Maxener Wellness

Method 1 Adding DHA Rich Foods to Your Diet Understand what DHA is. Our bodies make very small amounts of DHA naturally; however, the amount is not enough to support healthy growth and development. In general, it’s recommended to consume about 300-500 mg daily for adults. Adequate levels of DHA support fetal brain development and their ability […]

How to Count Calories : Maxener Wellness

Method 1 Determining Your BMR and Daily Caloric Intake Seek approval from a health care professional before starting a weight-loss or exercise plan. It is not worth jeopardizing your health with a crash diet. For most people, a healthy amount of weight to lose is 1 to 2 pounds per week. BMR converters – do the math yourself, Here’s how you […]

How to Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle : Maxener Wellness

Aim to lose one to two pounds per week. Safe weight loss is considered losing about one to two pounds per week. Losing weight faster increases your risk for muscle mass loss. It’s generally recommended to never consume less than 1200 calories daily. Calories that are too low for your age, gender or activity level put you […]

How to Build Muscle Doing Push Ups : Maxener Wellness

To get the most out of your push ups, first make sure that you have the correct form. Then proceed to do as many push ups as you comfortably can. Once you are comfortable, challenge yourself by adding more push ups. This will enable you to build muscle. You can challenge yourself further by adding […]

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