Monthly Archives: June 2017

HARDCORE ABS ROUTINE – best shape ever

UP YOUR MID SECTION GAME – KEEP IT MOVING What are the must-do moves for a rock-hard midsection? A few of our choices will surprise you. Do them right, and they’ll let you know why they’re on the list! Let’s come clean from the start: We’re not here to sell you on the single “best […]

Whey to manage diabetes. How ? Lets see

The goal of last post as to “refresh” your memory about protein: what it does, how it works?  That being said, the subject of protein is hot enough to fuel debates regarding who needs more and what’s the best way to get it. As I mentioned last week, there are some people who do need […]

What is proteins why they are required

WHAT IS PROTEIN AND WHY DO WE NEED IT ?   1. WHAT IS PROTEIN  ? Proteins are the building blocks of our body . All proteins are made up of is amino acids, There are 20 amino acids which we get from the food. 9 are essential while 11 are non essential amino acid. […]

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